William Scott, USA:
I have purchased this squirrel recipes book 1 month ago and already prepared 3 recipes. I must say that all of them were delicious and more important, easy to make. I and my 12 year old daughter had a blast preparing them. I totally recommend this cook book as the price is very good and the recipes are simply put, delicious!

Franceso Zanetti, Italy:
In Italy we don’t eat squirrel very often but I am an experienced squirrel hunter so from time to time I have the possibility to eat squirrel meat and I must say that it is very tasty. While I was running out of ideas of how to cook it, I’ve found this cook book and bought it. I only prepared one recipe because I didn’t have time to go hunting but the recipe that I picked was very tasty (or at least that is what my family said).

Adaline Johnson, Australia:
Last week it was my husband’s birthday and he is an avid squirrel hunter. I wanted to surprise him and purchased this squirrel cook book. I cooked him the “Cajun Squirrel” and he was very happy with my surprise. We both enjoyed a lovely dinner by the fireplace.

Mary Peter, USA:
While I was looking for totally new recipes on the Internet, I saw this cook book and looked interesting so I purchased it. I must say that all of the recipes are very well explained and the cooking guide is very simple to follow. I myself prepared about 5 recipes from this cook book and all of them turned out to be more than OK.

Sharon Green, USA:
I was searching for something special to cook for my wedding anniversary so I tried my luck with this cook book and it was a very good idea. I prepared the “Squirrel Delight” recipe and my husband and I enjoyed it very much. In the future, I will surely try the other recipes as well.

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